Curriculum Development

Are you looking for inspiration or educational guidance creating a course or professional development program?  I spent 10 years coaching faculty members as they created college-level courses; I also studied adult learning and taught college classes. I love crafting effective course delivery ideas - from single projects to department-wide curricula.

In addition to consulting on academic curriculum, I can help organizations develop effective professional development interventions for their staff or other constituents, drawing on my knowledge of both effective educational design and facilitation.  

Sample projects include:

Department-Wide Planning

The Engaged Department movement in the service-learning field is predicated on the belief that one class alone is not enough to build the type of civic skills and knowledge that we seek to foster in college.  Instead, departments are encouraged to work collaboratively to develop courses and projects that build on and complement one another.   With colleagues from the University of Vermont, I published an article on how developmental theory can be used to inform this type of intentional curricular progression.  I have designed and delivered multiple department-level planning workshops in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Michigan.

Professional Program Design

After Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont, I was lucky enough to work with colleagues to develop ways for students to engage in disaster response and recovery work that meaningfully contributed to Vermont's recovery while also teaching them valuable professional skills.  Six years later, I have had the opportunity to work with a local college in the development of a professional certificate in Emergency Management.  My role has been to help the Public Safety Officer, who is very familiar with emergency management skills and training, to craft an academic program that is cohesive and meaningful in a liberal arts context.  I have served as a sounding board, concept developer, and synthesizer of ideas as he has pulled this project together.

Experiential Learning

My background in service-learning means that I have an incredibly strong foundation in how individuals learn through experience - not just learning by doing, but learning through a well-planned process of experience, reflection, and application.  I love consulting with educators and others in the design of programs that are experiential in nature but very focused on learning outcomes.  I can help to lay out a curriculum, support it with meaningful activities and assignments, and effectively measure learning outcomes.