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Vermont-based consultant Helping individuals & organizations reach their full potential

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Making progress toward your organization or group's goals is easier when your meetings, retreats, workshops, and training course are more effective for you and your team.  As a Vermont-based facilitator and consultant, I specialize in supporting organizational processes and events that will create momentum, solve challenges, build skills, and result in a valuable use of time for all participants.  


Looking to hire an external facilitator to make a meeting or planning process more effective? Read about my experience facilitating a wide variety of organizational and cross-sector initiatives and learn about my facilitation philosophy.




Looking for a workshop to help your team develop specific skills? I would love to lead your workplace retreat or even teach you what I do so you can lead in-house. Topics include: mindfulness in the workplace; effective presentations; assertive facilitation; and more. 


Curriculum  Development

Looking to design a course or a training program for adult learners? My extensive background in higher education and professional curriculum development, plus my PhD in adult learning, could be a great consulting match for your needs.


Meetings & Events

Need to plan a big meeting or conference? My project management skills, combined with my knowledge of effective adult learning strategies, inform my approach to event planning and organizing. I’ve been planning my own events for 20 years; let me help you plan yours!


I believe in assertive facilitation: a confident approach to leading group interactions that uses direct and inclusive language to foster productive relationships and accomplish group goals.