Training Services

Are you looking to provide meaningful professional development for your students, staff, or colleagues?  Do you want to help them to develop a skill or become more productive employees? 

I have been providing training to educators, adult learners, professionals, students, and AmeriCorps members for more than 15 years.  My PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies was focused on adult learning and college-level curriculum development, so I bring a strong understanding of how to effectively design learning experiences to meet the needs and interests of participants.  

Sample workshops include:


I am a teacher-in-training with Koru Mindfulness (a program developed with college students in mind but equally adaptable to adults in a variety of settings).  It is a practical, accessible, mindfulness training that introduces individuals to immediately useful techniques for improving sleep, decreasing stress, and increasing self-compassion.  In addition to this 4-week established curriculum, I can also teach introductory mindfulness workshops or extended mindfulness retreats.

Assertive Facilitation

While I'm proud of my own facilitation style and love to use it in my consulting business, I also love to talk with others about how to effectively manage groups, plan meetings, or accomplish their goals.  I can share my philosophy of assertive facilitation and the techniques that support it with individuals or organizations.  In this type of workshop, I encourage participants to bring examples of their own projects or goals so that we can work on them collaboratively.

Work on Purpose

Developed by Echoing Green, this series of workshops helps participants to identify and align their passions (things they believe in, love doing, and want to do more of) with their skills (things they are good at or have concrete credentials for).  There are 10 individual workshops I have been trained to deliver in everything from the basic head/heart connection to dealing with failures and mining your experience for transferable skills.