Meetings & Events

When I graduated from college my first job at a nonprofit in Washington, DC involved running Gala dinners and golf tournaments with celebrity guests. I’ve gotten a little more “nerdy” since then and ventured into planning workshops, retreats, and conferences (with a few wedding favors here and there). But the central tenet remains the same - know what the group needs out of the event and plan an agenda that makes it possible.

Along with my general knowledge of how to plan an agenda that works, I’m a stickler for details. From planning charts, catering, and venue negotiations - to registration systems and proposal reviews you can count on me to create a process that works for your meeting, conference, or event.  I also enjoy working with planning committees who want to be actively involved in the process but need an organizer to keep it all going.

Examples of my meeting planning experience include: 

Women’s Leadership

As a member of the Executive Board of Vermont Women in Higher Education, I have been a part of the conference planning committee for multiple years. This conference brings over 100 women together to advance their leadership and reflective learning.

In 2018, I became the Conference Committee Chairperson. I see my role as ensuring that this conference meets and exceeds attendees’ expectations. We have taken new approaches to speakers, networking events, and professional development and look forward to an outstanding 2019 event!

Board Meetings

As the Executive Director of Vermont Campus Compact and the Vermont Higher Education Council, one of my primary roles has been convening the Board of Directors at twice annual meetings. I select the venue, plan meals, and also develop the meat content of these meetings along with the Executive Committee.

For me, a Board meeting is more effective when the setting and agenda make it impossible for members to disengage. When a group only meets a few times per year, you have to make the most of that meeting through effective preparation and efficient use of time. Can I help you plan a more effective Board meeting or retreat?

Regional Conferences

For many years, I had the pleasure of being part of Vermont Campus Compact, an association that was affiliated with a national office and had peer chapters in States around the country. One of the ways in which we collaborated with other states was through conferences and training opportunities that were open to multiple states.

Through this work, I gained a great deal of experience in coordinating conference planning committees across geographic lines. From marketing to registration to learning outcomes, I’ve coordinated many aspects of these regional events and would love to help you and your partners pull of a great collaborative conference.