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I want you to know about me and my approach before we start working together.

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What's the difference between training and facilitation?

The difference is all about whose content is being delivered.  If you want me to deliver a workshop on content that I bring to the table, then you are asking me to run a training for you.  If you have a meeting you'd like to host or a planning process you need help furthering, you are asking me to facilitate on your behalf.  The content in this case is yours; my job is to help you achieve your goals.  I am particularly careful not to bring my "agenda" to a facilitation gig; I listen to the planners and participants to truly identify their goals and priorities.

what if i'm not sure exactly what i'm looking for?

Have a general goal in mind or a conversation you want to pursue, but not sure where to start?  No problem.  Contact me and we can talk it through.  I typically can come up with a number of ideas and options that might help you head in the right direction and then we can discuss the best path for you to take - whether that means working with me or achieving your goals another way.  Your first consultation (up to a one hour phone call) is always on the house.

What is included in your package when we work with you?

I always provide a detailed proposal that is specific to the project so that will depend on what you want to achieve and which parts of it you want me to be involved in.  Typically, my proposal includes: planning hours and meetings; actual on-site delivery; and follow up.  Follow up might include extrapolating findings from the notes of the meeting or crafting the beginnings of a strategic plan.  It might also include evaluation and identification of next steps.

can you work with us for an extended period of time, not just an event?

Absolutely, if I'm available.  I love working through multiple phases of a project or facilitating a series of group meetings that build upon one and other.  I can also meet with you on a regular basis as you are developing a project or a curriculum and serve as a sounding board to help you work out your ideas.

How much does it cost?

Ah the million dollar question - and the answer you assumed I'd respond with: it depends.  I typically set a rate for indirect work (when I am working on your project from my office or over the phone or even in meetings with you) and direct work  (when I am leading a training or facilitating a meeting). Depending on your needs, that might include hourly rates or daily rates or a combination.  I try to be fair and competative with other facilitators and I particularly try to meet the needs of educational and nonprofit organizations who I know are not always flush with funds for consultants.

Can we get more than one facilitator or trainer?

Probably!  I have been leading workshops and facilitating in Vermont (and beyond) for over 15 years and have built up a network of trusted colleagues with a variety of skills and areas of expertise.  I love working with a partner and may be able to call on these colleagues to team up with me for your project.

what is my role when you are training or facilitating?

It is important to me to have a close partner or partners when coming in as a consultant.  I want you to own the project or meeting, and work with me to deliver it.  I want your voice and leadership to be present, and so I will ask you to step up to lead certain parts of the meeting and to introduce goals, etc.  I will treat you as a co-facilitator to the extent that you'd like to play that role; I'll share my behind-the-scenes notes and plans and work closely with you to ensure we are not getting off track.  This is YOUR meeting, not mine.

do you travel outside of vermont?  

Yes, that is always a possibility.  Right now this consulting business is a part-time gig and I have young kids so travel will be limited, but for the right project I will always consider it.  Travel costs will be incorporated into your quote.

can you do online consulting or webinars?

Yes!  I have experience leading online webinars for groups outside of Vermont, and have completed coursework in designing and implementing online courses.  I know that its not enough to just post your material online and call it a webinar; you have to create engaging ways for participants to get involved in the learning.  I would love to talk to you about whether this approach would work for your needs.

can you help us with assessment or evaluation?

Yes.  I have a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and this program included research methods courses.  I also have extensive experience doing internal program evaluation on the job.  While I do not necessarily advertise assessment as one of  my primary services, I often help clients to identify measurable indicators of success, implement and summarize participant surveys, or begin to outline an evaluation plan for their project.  I have a working knowledge of quantitative, qualitative, and program evaluation methods.  If you want to get deep into survey design or quantitative analysis, I'll help you find someone to take you to that next level.

what makes you unique compared to other consultants?

There are a number of amazing consultants out there who specialize in facilitation and training; I encourage you to talk to more than one potential consultant to find a good match.  I bring a few key skills and beliefs to the equation:

1. My PhD in Education, with a specialization in adult learning, gives me a keen understanding of how adults learn, how individuals respond to change, and how organizations can adapt with a learning mindset.  Likewise, I am unique in having curriculum and course development, and significant experience teaching college students and adults, as part of my skill set and background.

2. My inclination to work with you as a partner means that I am not going to tell you what to do or even how to do it.  I am going to make suggestions that I think will help you reach your goal but I'm going to involve you and listen to you every step of the way instead of trying to impose my agenda or my forgone conclusion.  I love the conversations I have with my partners (clients) and if you love talking to me about your ideas that's the best indication that we're a good match.